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Boxer braids hairstyle trend


Boxer braids have been around for ages and are popular among people of black origin but who cares; apparently they have been made popular by Kim Kardashian. 

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Double braids: Braids are back


Lately we have spotted a few celebs rocking braided hair, which has made to conclude that braids are this season favourite hair style. Sam Faiers style is always on point 

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Scrunchie hair Trend

The 1990s inspired scrunchie hairstyle is back this season. Rita Ora tied up her platinum blonde locks in a rainbow-coloured hair scrunchie as she was out and about in New York City.

Hits: 2495

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Milkmaid braid hairstyle



Milkmaid braid or crown braid is on trend this season and set to be even bigger come spring 2014. We have spotted this trend on the streets and on the runway.

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Pamela Anderson new cropped hair style


Pamela Anderson stepped out in a new cropped hair style which makes her look younger.  Her hair seemed a slightly darker shade of blonde than normal and featured a short spiky fringe.

Hits: 2370

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Natural hair transitioning


relaxed hair

For those with natural hair will know what transitioning means, but  for the sake of those who have no clue of what it means it’s  simply letting the relaxer grow out gradually.  I took less than a year to transition, I was so impatient I just couldn’t wait to get rid of my relaxed hair. I wanted to do ‘the big chop’ which means having all of your chemically straightened hair cut off and start all over again but I was discouraged by people who have always known me with long straight hair. However this didn’t stop me from cutting my hair gradually until March 2010 when I decided to get rid of  all the relaxed hair.  Transition can be scary for some people but fear not, nowadays there’s a lot of help  from you tube and various blogs on how transition... continue

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