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Crisp & Fresh

A common theme among top designers is the crisp and clean-cut use of white. It’s simple and elegant and tipped to be the ultimate shade for the rapidly approaching SS13 season. Invest in plain white tailored t-shirts, and plain but elegant v-necks. It’s all about simplicity and getting off your shoulder the darker shades of winter.


Softly Softly

image: Fashionbeans

As well as white becoming the fashionable man’s colour of choice, pastel shades also this year will feature heavily. Men should play with simple lemon-drop yellows and baby blue hues, and not be afraid to wear feminine violets and pinks; as also last year´s spring, colours will dictate the trend.


A 70s Revival

Our obsession with retro and vintage fashion doesn’t look like it will be fading anytime in 2013. Grown-up glamour and luxury details are making a huge comeback, accessorised with oversized sunglass and Sinatra-esque brimmed hats are a must for the new season.


Earn Your Stripes in 2013

image: Alieexpress

Adding some serious contrast to the simple and blocked out colours will be the generous use of stripes. These can be worn horizontally, vertically on accessories or layering items and should emphasise the simplicity of the white and pastel pieces. Chunky stripes will be popular as well as thin stripes. In fact, they’ll be popular in every which way possible. If you go for the stripes, make sure to choose soft colours.


Monochrome Simplicity

Continuing with the “less is more” ethos, 2013 will see fashion leaders sporting classic black and white outfits, especially for formal settings. If you simply can’t bear the thought of wearing a black tie (when it’s not a funeral), then try a vintage floral print which will complement the dresses that the ladies will be wearing.


Rebel in Style

For those times when pastel colours and simple whites won’t do, then it’s time to get your punk on. Punk fashion will also be making a comeback. New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art will be celebrating an exhibition called “Punk: Chaos to Couture” which will reignite a passion for rebellious pieces.


Author Bio

When Sara isn’t listening out for new styles and trends, you’ll find her blogging at Miinto online, where you’ll find fashion-forward inspiration.


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